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You Have A Voice Campaign was created to give the voiceless youth that have experienced bullying. Often times, bullying fall on death ears. Sometimes it's simply because the adults are not trauma informed, doesn't think it's a big deal, not comfortable with handling these situations or doesn't believe them. Our goal is to amplify their voices, give encouragement to ask for help, opportunity to educate people on the effects bullying has on youth and give testimonies of those who have experienced bullying but was able to overcome it. We call on our celebrities, influencers, pro athletes and corporations to join us during our campaign throughout bullying prevention month. More details will be coming a few months prior to our campaign kickoff. Were planning to kick off the You Have A Voice Campaign in September - October 2022. 

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Students in the greater D.C. area have lost nearly a full academic year of reading skills due to COVID-19. According to a study from the Center for Research on Education Outcomes at Stanford University, student’s literacy loss was between 57 to 183 days. Students in D.C. area schools ranked at the top for the most amount of reading skills lost. 10 pages a day campaign was inspired by reading an article about a research study that said COVID-19 have had an adverse effect of children's mental health. Fly By Nature Foundation wanted to cultivate mindfulness activities to improve literacy and mental health. More details will be coming a few months prior to our campaign kickoff. Were planning to kick off the 10 pages a day Campaign in February 1st - February 28th 2022 as part of Black History Month. 

Here are 7 benefits for kids reading books:

  • Reading exercises our brain

  • Reading improves concentration

  • Reading teaches children about the world around them

  • Reading improves vocabulary and language skills

  • Reading develops a child's imagination

  • Cultivating lifelong love of reading

  • Preparation for academic success

Flash Technology Summit

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About the founder:


Adrian McClanahan is a mother, a wife, and a network control center engineer, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Network Information Systems She’s been in the IT field for over 14 years.  With a genuine love for technology and all things surrounding it, she wanted to encourage more black and brown kids into technology. So she started teaching introductory coding and technology classes at the Prince George’s County Parks and Recreation. tAs an extension of this she also launched Flash Tech Summit, a free technology summit for kids to expose and introduce kids to various fields in technology, it’s coming up on it’s 5th year.

 The career paths are endless and the Summit provides an opportunity for all to explore. It consist of Workshops focusing on various areas of technology to engage young minds and A panel of black professionals working in tech fields that share their knowledge with the kids, along with Q&A, and lunch. The Technology Flash Summit want all kids to be exposed and have access to this experience so it's free!