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Victor L. Terry
Executive Director / Program Director

Born and raised in the heart of the Nation’s Capital, Victor Terry experienced first-hand life’s curve balls being thrown at him at an early age. Terry’s mother succumbed to drug addiction. As a result of her substance abuse, his grandparents were forced to step in and raise him and his younger brothers. Through these traumatic experiences and gun violence in the neighborhood, Terry developed a profound passion for engaging youth in a positive light. Victor's first Summer Youth Employment job through Mayor Marion Barry's program, Victor worked at Edgewood Recreation Center as a Summer Camp Coordinator working with youth in 1993. After reading a news article about an 8-year-old boy committing suicide because he was being bullied at his Elementary School, that inspired Mr. Terry to form Fly By Nature foundation.

The Youth Wellness non-profit organization is dedicated to empowering youth and adolescents by building self-esteem, while improving youth's physical, mental, and emotional health. This is similar to his grandfather's nonprofit organization The Busy Bee Community Association that he founded in 1982 in Washington DC. Victor's grandfather gave him inspiration and he saw the impact when you have a group of caring adults and purpose.


Victor didn’t have as much as other kids his age and encountered some forms of bullying throughout his years in D.C. public schools. He didn’t let those setbacks stop him, as he chose to surpass obstacles instead of succumbing to them something his grandfather instilled in him early on. “My inspiration comes from overcoming so many obstacles and adversities in life,” says Terry. “I have always had the mindset to never give in and never quit.  I have been told that I have a mental toughness to triumph over anything. Through hard work and faith, I managed to turn my life around. 


Victor continued to gain more experience working with you by doing Therapeutic Mentoring as a Rehabilitation Coordinator for youth in the DC area. Implementing Individual Rehabilitation Plans provided by their Therapist.  

Victor is also a certified QPR Suicide Gatekeeper and Mental Health First Aider.  The Excel With SEL Program curriculum is using Social Emotional Learning, mental health awareness and life skills addressing issues for late Elementary, Middle and High School levels that the CDC's Youth Behavioral Survey described as areas of concern.

. During Victor's free time, he loves to play competitive games of spades, dominoes, bowling, reading books, traveling, live music, watching a good movie, live comedy and creative writing. 

Onya Scarborough Headshot_edited.jpg
Onya Scarborogh
Child Development Specialist

Onya Sheree Scarborough was born and raised in Washington DC and spent majority of her time living in Los Angeles California. She decided to go back to college after having her son Zachery Scarborough who was diagnosed with Asperger at 5 years old.

She decided to pursue a career in education to understand and help my son. She started off in my Educational journey working in an after school program called Springboard. She was placed at Kipp Shaw fell in love with it. As a teacher assistant, she loved working with children and assisting their needs. She then was offered a full time job working with the Literacy Lab through Americorp. She was able to help children with their literacy and getting back on grade level. There she learned how to collect data on students to figure out what the best method of teaching them how to read.

She then started working at Sasha Bruce which is a group home located in Washington, DC. She was given the position of on-site Residential Counselor. She helped teenage girls understand their importance in the world and I introduced them to new activities to expand their minds. I was then offered a job as a Residential Coordinator for Life Stride.  There she helped women who were treated for substance abuse and health issues. She then took the opportunity to work for Behavioral Education & Solutions as an ABA Therapist. This was an opportunity to work with kids with Behavioral Issues and collect data on them. As part of her responsibilities, she would make school & home visits for her clients. She has a sore spot for children that come from unbalanced homes or no home.


 Her vivid passion for Special Education landed her a position as the Para Professional Special Education Teacher at Langdon Elementary School. She worked at Langdon Elementary School for 3 years before transitioning back to Los Angeles California. She is currently working for WellNest as a Parent Partner on the Children Outreach Triage Team (COTT). She is responsible for helping Trauma Informed families. She is proud to serve with Fly By Nature Foundation as the Child Development Specialist. She wants all children to know that success has no boundaries. 

Diona Pic - Canva.png
Diona McLucas
Program Manager/ Education Coordinator

In her 22 years as an educator in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area, Diona McLucas has been privileged to work with students, teachers and families in a variety of K-12 settings.  She has served as a classroom teacher, tutor, Saturday School Principal, Student Support Services Coordinator, Curriculum Development Writer, and Instructional Coach. Currently, Diona serves as a Literacy Coach for an elementary school in DC Public Schools. She is a proud Native Washingtonian with a demonstrated track record of success with students labeled as “at-risk” or “underachieving”. Diona attributes the use of high expectations, love and patience to be central in her success with students. Identified as a Highly Effective, Master Educator, she passionately believes in the integration of quality social emotional learning with rigorous, relevant instructional experiences to truly educate the whole child. It is Diona’s goal to use her professional knowledge, experience, and expertise to advocate for all children and families in all school communities to receive a quality education that is truly student-centered and meets the varied needs of all of our children.

Ogechi Headshot whitedress-side1 .jpg
Ogechi Onyewu
Program Director/S.T.E.A.M. Coordinator 

As the S.T.E.A.M. Program Manager for Fly By Nature Foundation, Ogechi identifies, develops, and designs STEAM curriculum including the following passion projects: Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking, Gaming, Virtual & Physical Robotics Development & Programming, Science & Math Tutoring & Mentoring Programs.


Ogechi works in IT with over 15 years' experience as a Technical Lead/Senior Analyst. She also works part time as a STEM Tutor specializing in tutoring Mathematics, Accounting, and General Chemistry.

Ogechi graduated from Bowie State with a B.S. in Applied & Computational Mathematics and is a proud Bowie State (Go Bulldogs!) Alumni and was started her STEM career as a Math tutor and Research Fellow
In her spare time, Ogechi enjoys eating exotic food, weight training, and cultivating her other passion project which is developing her health and wellness company.

Ogechi believes it doesn’t matter where you start but where you finish. Life is full of endless possibilities and people are capable of more than most realize!  Curiosity and the willingness to learn are keys to untapped brain power. She wants to bring that energy to Fly By Nature’s STEM Programs.


Ogechi is motivated to work with Fly By Nature Foundation because of their health and wellness approach to teaching which develops life skills and provides balance to our youth.

She sees the future vision for Art and Technology’s impact on the world. She is working to share this knowledge and expose today’s youth and future generation to burgeoning fields in STEAM to help prepare them for their future as prime decision makers in the world.

Camille Ollivierre Bio Pic.png
Camille Ollivierre
Visual Marketing Creative Specialist

Camille Ollivierre is multimedia specialist with a passion for animation, specifically under-the-camera animation techniques that utilize hand-crafted puppets and props. She graduated Cum Laude from University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) in 2022 with a B.F.A. in Visual Arts, Animation Concentration. In the 2020 - 2021 academic year, Ollivierre was awarded a grant to pursue creative research in stop motion filmmaking and compositing techniques under the mentorship of Professor Corrie Parks. Her brief stint in UMBC's Computer Science program and background in Project Lead The Way's Engineering program allows her to have a unique approach for problem solving when tinkering with technology and media. In her free time, she likes to paint, sculpt trinkets with polymer clay, read, and practice her skateboarding skills.

Ama Headshot Pic - FBNF.jpg
Ama Konadu Appau 
Data Science Facilitator

Ama Konadu Appau is an early in career professional with a Master of Science in Data Science from American University and honors in Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science from the University of Ghana. With expertise in coding languages and statistical modelling, Ama has recently contributed to innovative projects during her tenure as a Data Analytics Intern at Genentech in South San Francisco. Her passion for community well-being and commitment to STEM education align seamlessly with Fly By Nature Foundation's mission, making her an enthusiastic addition to the team.


Ama's dedication extends beyond academia, as evidenced by her roles as a Graduate and Research Assistant at American University and a Teaching and Research Assistant at the University of Ghana. Her interest in mental health advocacy reflects a genuine desire to create a positive impact on the lives of others. Ama is motivated by the Foundation's commitment to enhancing the lives of youth in the DC area, and her background in data science positions her as a valuable asset. Outside her professional pursuits, Ama enjoys reading, traveling, and trying out new cuisines.

Kezie Headshot.jpg
Kezie Iwueke

Kezie graduated with a bachelor’s in computer engineering in 2015 and a masters in information technology in 2019. He has been working in the tech industry as a network systems engineer since 2019, right now he currently works on building network infrastructure for large cloud providers for Google and previously worked at AWS. I wanted to join Fly By Nature Foundation’s efforts to help kids in underserved communities to educate  them in STEM education and possibly pursue a career in tech. My hobbies include playing soccer, video games, and working out. 

Blurred Office Interior


Robert Miller's 400 x 400 Bio Photo.png
Robert Miller
Chairman of the Board
Retired\ Real Estate Investor

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Robert has dedicated his efforts in the Telecommunications and Information Technology industry. Robert spent over 12 years dedicated to mentoring to children from grades 1st – 6th grades and young adults. He has been on a variety of committees and is the proud chairman of the Board of Director’s with Fly By Nature Foundation. Robert is an advocate of ensuring young people is aware of the importance of learning financial literacy and is an assistant coordinator for his cousin’s business that develops and teaches financial literacy for Middle School students.


Robert is currently retired but loves to spend his free time in his Real Estate Investing business. He also enjoys playing Golf, bowling, oldies music, videos, entertainment, electronic technology, grandkids and one day traveling more and exploring.

Ronnie Frost 400 x 400 Bio Photo.png
Ronnie Frost
Board Member
Senior Network Cyber Security Engineer at ManTech

Born and raised in Washington, DC, Ronnie has over 15 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry. He has a bachelor’s degree in Cybersecurity. He is well versed in all aspects of physical security and is an IT professional. Ronnie is also a part of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars, The Society for Collegiate Leadership & Achievement and The National Society of Leadership and Success. Ronnie is a dedicated mentor to children and young adults. He has been on a variety of committees and participated in panel discussions in order to be a positive light to people from his community.


Ronnie is a family man who enjoys writing and creating music, reading books, and watching sports in his spare time.

Lionel Taylor 400x400 Bio Photo.png
Lionel Taylor
Board Member
Principal/Senior Electrical Engineer/Project Manager at GHT Consulting

Lionel brings a broad range of skills and qualifications in his role as a Principal and Electrical Designer in GHT’s Interiors Studio. In addition to electrical design, he is responsible for project management and quality control to ensure technical accuracy, design excellence, and cross-discipline coordination. Lionel specializes in tenant interiors, healthcare, and government projects, completing a variety of spaces for high-profile clients.

With 24 years of experience at the firm, Lionel remains singularly focused on completing projects on time and within budget. He is recognized by clients and peers as a project manager who always “gets the job done”. Lionel is passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise with emerging leaders while continuing to hone his skills as industry technology evolves. His collaborative nature and technological proficiency have positioned him as a trusted advisor to clients and a respected mentor to colleagues.

Lionel earned his Batchelor’s degree in Business Administration, Project Management Certification from University of Maryland Global Campus. He also earned his certification as Drafting from Maryland Drafting Institute.

Lionel Taylor grew up with the founder/Executive Director in Washington DC. His father was a well-respected in the community. He ran the Lincoln Road Recreation Center; he coached football and taught youth different styles of karate. He was a true leader and mentor for the community and the youth. Lionel has picked up the torch and joined Fly By Nature Foundation’s board to continue the legacy of his father.

When Lionel is not downtown at a site survey or flipping through drawings with an architect team, he enjoys spending time with his daughter and wife, or fishing on the Chesapeake Bay.



We are looking for a few compassionate candidates to serve a 2 year term on the Fly By Nature governing board. This is an opportunity to have a positive influence and impact on DC area 5th -12th graders.


Youth Advisory Board

Youth Advisory
Naomi Jones

Naomi Jones is a vibrant 15 years old 9th grader. Naomi was born and raised in Washington, DC. She is currently a honor student with a 4.0 grade point average (GPA). Naomi first experience with bullying started when she was in Elementary School.


The bullying progressively worsened. Naomi had been trying to ignore it and suppressed her feelings about the traumatic bullying experiences because she was afraid of how her parents would react. Naomi was also very concerned of how she responded to being bullied. She was afraid that if she was caught fighting back to defend herself, that incident would be on her permeant record and would have an adverse effect on being selected by Colleges.

Naomi had a laser sharp focus on maintaining her 4.0 GPA and she visioned one day being able to select from a diverse company of Universities. This fear motivated her to avoid physical confrontation. The bullying continued in Middle School and quickly escalated. Her Mother was called in to discuss the bullying incidents. Although the mediation failed between Naomi and the girl she had those incidents with. One good outcome was Naomi and her Mother decided to receive therapy. After about 6 months of therapy sessions, Naomi's Mother described her experience as life altering and refreshing. Naomi described it as the best decision she has made in her life so far. Naomi is excited to join her close friend of the family Organization. She immediately felt the connection with Fly By Nature Foundation and the direction it is going. She hopes her lived experience with bullying and amplified voice have an impact on younger students that share those similar experiences. Naomi is an inspiring artist and hopes one day to sell her artwork in person and online. She hopes her creative expressions will inspire future generations of youth.

Jamiah Allen

Jamiah Allen is a humble, kind and caring 15 year old 9th grader. Jamiah Allen was born and raised in Prince George’s County. She is currently a honor student with a 3.0 grade point average(GPA). Jamiah first experience with bullying started when she was in Middle School. Her best friend startup act weird towards her and gave her small answers whenever she asked her something. That activity went on for a few days and she realized  the verbal abuse was getting progressively worse. Jamiah decided one day to confront her about it. After confronting her she the conversion escalated and almost led to physical contact. 


One of her other friends started talking about her on social media spreading rumors. 

Those classmates that she thought was her friends started to talk about her behind her back. After months of trying to work things out, her interactions with her friends deteriorated. Jamiah started to get depressed because she felt lonely at school. She no longer had friends to talk too. She was scared to go to her parents about this situation. 

After her experience with bullying in Middle School, Jamiah is excited to join Fly By Nature Youth Advisory Board. She would like to be an inspiration to younger students and give them some encouraging words on how to stay positive during a conflict.

Eris Aubrie Busey

Eris Aubrie Busey is a proud Washington, DC native and rising model and actress star! This twelve-year-old Commercial, Print and Runway Model has slayed many runways across the United States including but not limited to New York Fashion Week, Atlantic City Fashion Week, DC Fashion Week, Kids Fashion Week Network, and Indie Fashion Week DC. She is the founder of Eris Aubrie Busey Community Works Project and continues to organize various partnership opportunities with District of Columbia Child and Family Services and the District of Columbia Homeless Community. Inspired by Taraji P. Henson and Tyra Banks, Eris is a pillar of positivity and remains focused on her goal of becoming a future Academy Award winning actress and America's Next Top Model. Eris became a first time author in 2020 and is proud of her book debut, “Dad Gone”. When she is not on the runway or stage, she is an empathy leader and strives to maintain her honor roll status in school. She also enjoys traveling the world, trying new restaurants and spending time with her family.

One of her other friends started talking about her on social media spreading rumors. 

Those classmates that she thought was her friends started to talk about her behind her back. After months of trying to work things out, her interactions with her friends deteriorated. Jamiah started to get depressed because she felt lonely at school. She no longer had friends to talk too. She was scared to go to her parents about this situation. 

After her experience with bullying in Middle School, Jamiah is excited to join Fly By Nature Youth Advisory Board. She would like to be an inspiration to younger students and give them some encouraging words on how to stay positive during a conflict. 

Interested in Becoming a Youth Advisor?

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