Youth Advisory Board

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Why teens should join?

Welcome to Fly By Nature Foundation Youth Advisory Board!


Were excited to be that valuable resource throughout your Middle School and High School years. Here are some of the benefits of joining our youth wellness organization. We encourage youth engagement in our organization so we can capture first hand experiences what the youth are facing in their school environments, home, community and in the public. This will help us improve our services to cater to their needs through empowerment and giving them a voice!


  • Focus group participation

  • Amplified youth voices

  • Field Trips

  • Mentorship

  • Life Skills

  • Career Development

  • Earn Stipends

  • Unlimited Resources

  • Positive Youth Development


This free membership is exclusively for all youth between the ages of 11 -15 years of age. Parents/Guardians review and complete the registration form in its entirety before you click submit. Below when you click the register button, it will direct you to the Fly By Nature Foundation Youth Advisory Board Membership Registration. 

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