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Flying Above
challenges, obstacles, and adversity through perseverance and resilience!

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We're Advocates for Youth Wellness

Fly By Nature Foundation is a DC-based 501(c)(3) Non-Profit youth serving Organization that empowers DC area youth, school staff, parents and caregivers by strengthening their knowledge, skills, and attitudes to heal from childhood trauma that can disrupt learning through our Excel with SEL Social Emotional Learning curriculum and STEM education.

Our Allignments and Approaches

Fly By Nature Foundation takes holistic approaches on how we engage with youth that participate in our programming. We offer support and resources for parents and caregivers to help them navigate through the obstacles and challenges they face. We create safe spaces for youth to be their authentic selves without any judgement. We want to help improve school culture with the assistance of our Mental Health Professional partners and our Co-Flier Facilitators. We value the voice, ideas and concerns of your youth and give them the opportunity for student led activities apart of our programming.  Below are some of our Excel with SEL curriculum alignments and approaches we value. 

  • Aligned with the 5 Collaborative for Academic Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) Core Competencies  

  • Aligned with People Centered Engagement

  • Aligned with Healing Centered Engagement

  • Aligned with Positive Youth Development

  • Trauma-Informed Development

  • Aligned with Restorative Justice Practices and Approaches

Please take a look at our EXCEL WITH S.E.L. program which strategically reinforces youth wellness in all major areas, and secondly, our DREAM & STEAM ACADEMY, which utilizes all aspects of Science, Technology, Engineerings, Arts & Agriculture, and Math to creatively help youth expand their horizons outside of their daily routine. Both programs can be implemented in your school or through your organization. Click Here to find out how to partner with Fly by Nature Foundation!

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DC Charter

High School Student

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" It was important that I was able to take in information, Store it, and use it while going into my future career(s). I also now have a way better understanding of what I’m getting into in life. Before this program, I was walking blindly into random future career paths. I now have the experience and understanding of what I might want to do, and how i’m going to approach my future."
Male Student.png

DC Charter

High School Student

"I loved the connections in the community that the program created, as well as the ability to learn something new like Python coding in such a short amount of time."

DC Charter

High School Student

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 " I would most definitely introduce this program to friends, family and or people I know would enjoy and use this program to better their lives, and to obtain a better understanding of coding in general. The program will kick start their future, and is one of the beginning stages for a successful life."



We’re kicking our one of our Summer fundraising campaigns and we need your help. All of the proceeds will go directly towards our Summer Robotics Camp. 


Doughnut lovers 🍩❤️, we have a treat for you… Charitable (so guilt-free), fresh to order (and perfectly glazed), dozens!! Fly By Nature Foundation just launched a GroupRaise x Krispy Kreme Digital Dozen fundraising campaign. From now until July 30, 2023, 50% of orders will be donated back to our cause when you purchase your doughnuts using our fundraising sales page. $15.00 per dozen!

Click on the order here button to place your order.  


We have developed a Social-Emotional Learning curriculum and set of trauma-informed services to promote wellness among youth. Learn how to Excel with S.E.L.!

We are passionate about the community we serve! It is important that we remain present and active through various outreach events and opportunities to engage with each other.

Volunteer, Donate, or Join the Team! If you share our vision and want to help us succeed, click the button below.



Because I suffered from childhood trauma, PTSD and anxiety, I wanted to create curriculum to help raise awareness. Using evidence-based Social Emotional Learning Framework, we were able to address some of the major pain points for youth in the District of Columbia.


Recognizing Trauma


Although social media can strengthen the bonds teens have with existing friends or establishing new friends, which reduces isolation and loneliness. It also increases the exposure of cyber-bullying

1 in 6 U.S. High School Students
Experience Cyber-Bulling

Source: CDC Youth Risk Behavioral Survey

Helping Hands



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